About Us

Offering support whenever you need it

ROSE was founded to provide medical parents with the resources to support their parenthood and career aspirations. Medical parents not only have child caring responsibilities to cater for, but also an increasingly demanding profession where numerous personal sacrifices are made in the interest of patients. 


ROSE is for medical parents of all career stages, and all parenting stages including family planning, fertility treatment, mums and mums-to-be, dads and dads-to-be, pregnant doctors and those who are breastfeeding or expressing at work.


ROSE offers resources to medical parents, outsourcing with partner organisations, support in the form of mentorship and peer support, and educational sessions encompassing all stages of parenting. Whether doctors are concerned about the timing of their family planning, or work related factors impacting on their wellbeing during pregnancy or breastfeeding, 'ROSE for Medical Parents' is there to help. 

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